The Hali Tiki Room

My home Tiki oasis

"I think it is safe to say that I now have the largest private rum collection in Eastern Canada."

Sometimes life just gets in the way.

When I started this webpage last summer I had all kinds of grand visions of what it was going to be all about. Daily posts about interesting topics. Regular rum reviews. Maybe even the occasional opinion piece, but not too many because I want to avoid the hornet's nest that is the online political debate.

But it didn't happen. Maybe I was lazy, but no one wants to admit that. So I am going to blame my lack of participation here on my other passion - The Hali Tiki Room.

The Hali Tiki Room is the home room bar I have spent the last year or so building in my small downtown Halifax apartment. Let's be clear, I didn't saw any wood or hammer any nails. I am pretty much the least handy person you have ever known. Building my apartment bar has been about growing my rum collection, visiting thrift shops and flea markets in search of tacky Tiki decor, buying glass and bar ware, crushing juices, boiling syrups, and trying to create a social media presence. In other words, I have jumped into the rum and Tiki obsession with both feet.

I think it is safe to say that I now have the largest private rum collection in Eastern Canada. The Hali Tiki Room now boasts 75 different rums from 25 countries representing five of the seven continents, as well as six American states and five Canadian provinces. Let me know if you know anyone with a bigger collection. Its not a competition, I would just love to meet and have a conversation with anyone who is as infatuated with rum as I am.

The Hali Tiki Room will never be complete. It is a project of passion that will be ever changing and always evolving. There will always be one more Tiki mug, a special bottle of rum, or perfect piece of memorabilia. My addiction is complete and I can't see myself being rehabilitated any time soon.

But I am going to make the pledge to pay more attention to Maxwell's House. I will be writing more often and doing my best to grow this blog. To be fair, I will probably be writing mostly about rum and The Hali Tiki Room. That's something isn't it? There will be more rum reviews, cocktail recipes and posts about my adventures as a home bar owner. Now that the bar is up and running I am also going to finally get around to doing video rum reviews on YouTube that I will also post here. Maybe I'll write about other stuff too. Who knows?

The Hali Tiki Room is open. You can't just show up and walk in, but if you ask me nicely enough, you're pretty certain to get an invitation. So far I have hosted several Tiki Nights and a couple Rum Experiences, mostly for friends and families. I hope to open up the doors to other groups like local bartenders and other Tiki aficionados. Tops among these people are the rum and Tiki freaks that I have met online and through social media. It has really been an amazing and enlightening experience to engage in positive and constructive discussions on the internet for a change. I have developed relationships with so many friendly and amazing people who I look forward to hosting at The Hali Tiki Room someday.